Associate Professor

Department of Social Work, CUHK


Specialty and Research Interests

  • Life and career development of young people and disadvantaged youth
  • parenting and parent education
  • youth sexuality
  • youth empowerment
  • program evaluation

Selected Publications:

To, S.M., So, Y.Y., Iu Kan, S.M., Tsoi, K.W., & Chan, T.S. (2016). Supporting parents in late modernity through parent education: A mixed methods study in Hong Kong. Journal of Social Work. Advance online publication. DOI: 10.1177/1468017316656090

To, S.M., & Sung, W.L. (2016). Presence of meaning, sources of meaning, and subjective well-being in emerging adulthood: A sample of Hong Kong community college students. Emerging Adulthood, Advance online publication. DOI: 10.1177/2167696816649804

To, S.M. & Chan, W.C.H. (2016). Psychometric evaluation of the Chinese Version of the Existential Anxiety Questionnaire in a sample of Chinese adolescents living in Hong Kong. Child & Youth Care Forum, Child & Youth Care Forum, 45, 487-503.

To, S.M., & Tam, H.L. (2016). Work values, perceived job rewards and life outcomes of the new generation of Chinese migrant labourers’ in Guangzhou, China: Implications for social work practice. British Journal of Social Work, 46, 27-45.

To, S.M. (2015). Development and validation of a quantitative measure for the Chinese Sources of Parental Meaning. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 24, 3580-3594.

To, S.M., Iu Kan, S.M., & Ngai, S.S.Y. (2015). Interaction effects between exposure to sexually explicit online materials and individual, family, and extra-familial factors on Hong Kong high school students’ beliefs about gender role equality and body-centered sexuality. Youth & Society, 47(6), 747-768.

To, S.M., Tam, H.L., Ngai, S.S.Y., & Sung, W.L. (2014). Sense of meaningfulness, sources of meaning, and self-evaluation of economically disadvantaged youth in Hong Kong: Implications for youth development programs. Children & Youth Services Review, 47, 352-361.

To, S.M., & Tam, H.L. (2014). Generational differences in work values, perceived job rewards, and job satisfaction of Chinese female migrant workers: Implications for social policy and social services. Social Indicators Research, 118, 1135-1312.